Driving at night can be difficult at the best of times. Bright (increasingly LED) headlights can feel blinding, especially on some of the unlit local roads. The roads even feel narrower at times. Add rain to the equation and we wouldn’t blame people for just avoiding night driving altogether. The only problem is at this time of year driving in the dark becomes part of the daily commute, making it unavoidable.

This situation is made much worse when your eyewear isn’t quite up to the job. This is the reason lens manufacturers have been putting in extra work and research into finding the solution. While they won’t make the sky any lighter, the rain any dryer or the lights any dimmer they have become brilliant at filtering out the light we find most difficult to deal with. We have tested them all at the Specs Factory and found that two stand out above the rest. The Zeiss Drivesafe coating and the SmartDrive coating.

Both offer great clarity during the day, whether you are driving or not. But it’s at night when they really excel, with both performing better than any other coating we tried that was designed to help on the road.

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