Adidas Ski Trees


Adidas are the front runners in sports eye wear. Whether your skiing, rock climbing, cycling, running or playing golf or tennis, the correct equipment is needed. We invest, sometimes heavily, in our bikes, our skis, our clubs and rackets and our clothing but so few consider the difference their vision makes to their performance.


Adidas’ “Light Stabilizing Technology” can make a drastic difference to ever-changing light exposure on the go. Imagine how much quicker you could move if you don’t need to manually shield your eyes every time the sunlight breaks though the tree line. Or how much more comfortable you’d feel without wind induced tears blocking your line of sight.


Our staff love the physical pursuits too so can guide you through your decision making, ensuring you are ready for whatever the world has to throw at you. As an official stockist our range changes depending on the sports seasons but if you want to get your ski goggles sorted in summer we can still help, just let us know.