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Zeiss is a word synonymous with quality lenses in glasses and loads of other fields. Zeiss lenses are the reason we have such detailed photos of the moon, they are used in the best binoculars and they are even the reason our phones can do everything you can ever think of and more!

When you choose Zeiss lenses for your glasses you are guaranteed to get the latest technology, be it in varifocals, single vision, or lenses for digital solutions. You’re also guaranteed the finest choice of coatings to assist with any problem you may have experienced. We are the leading stockist of Carl Zeiss lenses in St. Albans. We ensure you pay the lowest prices, guaranteed, while Zeiss ensure you get the very best quality every time.

Single vision lenses

Buying single vision glasses is thought of as easy, as standard they are included with any frame you purchase from us. But what about the times that your standard lenses aren’t helping as much as you’d like? What is the difference between all of the anti-glare coatings people talk about? Do you use a screen more than the average person? Do you struggle when driving at night, even with coatings you’ve tried? Are you in need of thinner lenses but hate the way everything is distorted? What about the worry that your children’s eyes seem to be getting worse every year? Zeiss have thought of all of this and can offer a solution for anything you struggle with. We have included some links but we are always happy to help you, just pop in or give us a call.



Myopia Control

Digital Solutions

Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses, also known as multifocal or varifocal lenses, really are a minefield. When talking about varifocals we spend most of our time talking about the difference between the seemingly thousands of options. Once you narrow down the lens type you’re bombarded with more options. Do you want them to go dark in the sun? Do you want a coating that helps more with driving, with computer, do you want it to suggest a restaurant for you? We try our best to simplify this for you as best we can. We love to chat, we love to listen. We do this because we are people before anything else but we also take note of any gripes about day-to-day life that we think glasses can help with. Zeiss try to help by putting as much technology into their lenses as possible, what they do as standard still has some lens manufacturers snatching at coat-tails. With the latest technology they take into consideration your lifestyle, habits, posture and even your age. Once again, please pop in and have a chat if you have any questions but here are some links if you want to do a little research.

Progressive Lenses

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