Frequently asked questions

Do you offer eye tests?

We do. We started as a dispensing only optician but have now been conducting eye tests for more than 14 years.

Are your glasses really cheaper than the other opticans in St. Albans?

We guarantee that you won't find cheaper glasses, like for like, anywhere in St. Albans.

Why are you so much cheaper than other opticians?

We are in a unique position of owning our own optical lab, meaning we get lenses cheaper than our competitors and pass on the savings on to you.

Am I really getting the same lenses at a lower price, or a cheaper lens?

We are asked this a lot and can assure you that you are getting the same lenses. Most lens manufacturers laser-etch their logo onto their lenses, these logos can be verified anywhere.

Do I need to have my eye test with you to buy glasses with you?

No, we are happy to accept a prescription from any opticians.

What happens if I have a problem with the presciption from elsewhere?

Most of the time a prescription from any qualified optician will work perfectly. But, if it doesn't, we are happy to re-test your eyes for free and will ALWAYS make sure your glasses from us are perfect.