Flying high since 1937

Courage, authenticity and timeless style are the core values of Ray-Ban, a leader in prescription and sun eyewear for generations since the original Aviator was produced in 1937 to protect the eyes of U.S. pilots. Ray-Ban has sought to merge protection and fashion in a way we barely notice but can't miss. Years pass, trends change, but Ray-Ban remains. The brand’s undeniable presence, from stage to street, was forged by the greatest cultural icons of our time, visionaries who chose original Ray-Ban design and made it their own. For every revolutionary decade in our history, a Ray-Ban icon marks the moment and their story evolves with each new generation of style.

Up with the current climate

Today, Ray-Ban means so much more than just sunglasses. We always stock a large range of optical glasses too. Sometimes the nod to the sunglasses style is obvious but sometimes it is clear that their vision for fashion extends far beyond the war-time cockpit in which it all started. The latest trend of big, chunky plastic frames is well catered for. But their new, environmentally friendly bio-based plastics ensure it is done so with a care for the world we live in.